The Sailors clever Navigation Tool


SeaPal is a navigation tool for mobile devices. It runs on iOS and Android, on smartphones and on tablets.


SeaPal does what a traditional plotter does. But simpler. And a lot more. It is a complete navigation tool for sailors.


SeaPal is simple and intuitive to use. It is focused on nav charts. Use common gestures like pinch, swipe and touch.


SeaPal is a mobile application for sailors and other water sport fanatics. It is available on iOS devices, Android devices and on the web.

On tablets

On smartphones

On modern browsers

On all devices the main screen looks like this. It is designed to work well on different screen sizes and orientations. For phones it is even optimized for operation in just one hand. All other functionality can be accessed through the menus in the top left and top right corner. The overlay buttons on the map provide shortcuts to the most frequently used functionality.

Use Cases

SeaPal is a clever navigation tool with many functionalities. Here you get a first impression.

Use navigation charts

SeaPal provides thousands of navigation charts arround the world. And we are quickly adding more. It shows your current position on the chart and can automatically follow your position.

Estimate distances

Measure the distance from your current location to any point on the map with a single long touch. Or measure distances from anywhere on the map following a set of marks.

Plan routes

Plan routes and follow them with just a few touches. When you activate a route, SeaPal provides bearing, distance and estimated time of arrival to the next mark.

Keep a logbook

Just start tracking and logbook data is recorded automatically. You can add text, images and details as you like.

Check weather forecast

Get weather data and forecasts and check them right in your navigation chart. Forecast is provided for 3 days.

Share with others

You can share your logbook accross devices, with crew members or loved-ones. First step: create an account from your device, log in with the same account on your other devices.

How to get it

SeaPal is available for iOS and Android devices. You can download it from the respective stores. Your mobile device should have a GPS sensor. During first start-up you should allow access to your GPS position for best results.

Want more information?

We have a detailed User Guide in PDF for you. It is available in German and English.

How to contact us

Please send us an email to